Sorry Safari Touring Society
A Gathering of MG Enthusiasts
Club History
The Sorry Safari Touring Society (SSTS) was founded on Wednesday evening, October 25, 1961, at the home of Ed and Betsy Du Chaine in San Lorenzo, California. In the early days the club was focused on rallying in the bay area.  Some of the rally events were up to 100 cars, and were well planned and without incident. 

During its heyday, the year 1964, club members coordinated 18 rallies to the public and although its membership hovered at the level of about 25 individuals, it was quite common to see, in the published results of other club's rallies, that six or eight cars of the top ten finishers were from SSTS. By the beginning of 1965, the better rallyists within the club had burned themselves out. Some quit, some just slacked off in activity, but the days of SSTS as the supreme rally club were over, and, indeed by 1969, SSTS had ceased to exist except on paper, and in the memories of its former members.

In 1972, those memories were rekindled and SSTS was reborn as a local chapter of the new England MG T Register. In its new guise, SSTS is a club devoted to the MG T series, their maintenance and preservation.

On Sunday, June 24, 1972, a mini-Mini-GoF (Gathering Of The Faithful) was held at the home of Skip and Verna Kelsey. This was a highly successful event and was to pave the way for many more. Upon hearing this, Skip suggested using the name Sorry Safari Touring Society Ltd. for a local chapter. The idea sounded good and a date was agreed upon to restart the club; May 27, 1973.

1974 was an important year for SSTS. Not only was it the year in which the membership saw its largest growth, but it was also the year in which it accepted its greatest challenge that of co-hosting a major event. GoF West 74 was held at the Del Monte Hyatt House in Monterey and was co-hosted by SSTS and the Monterey Peninsula Chapter.  

Fast forward to the present and SSTS is still going strong!  While the membership has fluctuated over the years, at present it is well over 100 members and very active.  There are tours and events every month, exploring the back roads of the Bay Area and beyond.  Each year there is a weekend event, “The Sierra Tour,” that over the course of several days explores part of California’s amazing landscape. 

The club meets monthly at The Englander Pub in San Leandro.  The spirit of SSTS is a love of MG motorcars and driving them.  We also encourage other British car owners to join us!