Sorry Safari Touring Society
A Gathering of MG Enthusiasts
SSTS Events
There is always something fun to do with Sorry Safari Touring Society!  This list is a brief reminder of upcoming events.  Full details can be found in our club newsletter,
"The Wind Machine."  Don't have the newsletter?  Join the club!
  1. 4
    Tune & Spoon
    Jim Brady & Marja Van den Hende coordinating
    June, Saturday 22nd
  2. 7
    Dian's Almost 4th of July Tour
    Dian & Carl Brown coordinating
    July, Sunday 28th
  3. 5
    Rendezvous-37 Oregon
    Lenci & Guidry tour masters. Spirit Mountain Casino:
    July, 25th - 28th
  4. 12
    Scottish Highland Games
    Kirk & Amy Prentiss coordinating.
    August 31 - September 1
  5. 13
    Pebble Beach Weekend
    Steve & Vicky Kellogg hosting.
    September 6 - 7
  6. 11
    Sierra Tour
    Bass Lake! Schweiger & Sindicic tour masters. Limited rooms available, register now!
    September 22 - 24.
  7. 14
    Fabulous Fall Foray
    Susan Engelhart & Jimbo Brady tour masters.
    November, TBD
  8. 15
    Holiday Party
    Keith & Pam Shukait hosting
    December, TBD
  9. 16
    2020 Planning Meeting
    Lynn & Roberta Bryant hosting
    January 11th.
  10. 8
    MGA GT-44 Dubuque, IA
    North American MGA Register Event
    July, TBD
  11. 6
    MG - 2019, Traverse City MI
    North American MGB Register
    June, Sunday 23rd - Wednesday 26th
  12. 2
    UBSCC All British Car Show & Swap Meet
    CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN!!! Dixon May Fair Grounds,
    May, Sunday 19th
  13. 10
    GoF West
    Prescott AZ,
    August, 12th - 16th
  14. 9
    Monterey Car Week
    Pacific Grove Little Car Show
    August 14th
Many Safarians are also members of MGOC.  Here is a list of MGOC events that are open to SSTS members too!
  1. 5
    MGs By The Bay
    Greenbrae Bon Air, register at:
    June, Saturday 8th
  2. 4
    Elkhorn Slough Tour
    Dave Marsh tour master.
    June, Saturday 1st
  3. 6
    Cobra Museum / Winery / BBQ
    John Hunt & Dan Shockey tour masters.
    July, Saturday 21st
  4. 7
    Pebble Beach Weekend
    Steve & Vicky Kellogg hosting.
    September 6 - 8th
  5. 8
    Filoli Mansion Woodside Tour
    Dave Marsh tour master.
    September, Saturday 14th
  6. 9
    Western Railroad Museum Tour
    Mike Jacobsen tour master.
    October, Saturday 19th
  7. 10
    Sonoma Tour
    Andy & Marla Preston tour masters.
    November, Saturday 9th